Turbocharge Energy & Stamina

Turbocharge Your Energy and Stamina

The life we lead can be tiring and energy-zapping. Common low-grade, energy drain symptoms include achy muscles and that all-over tired feeling.

You’ll find it harder to concentrate on tasks, your patience dips and your level of frustration rises, even when confronted with seemingly simple challenges.

These energy zappers are all around us. Some are obvious, some hidden. But you can relax as there is a way around almost all of them. Here are some fatigue-zapping tips to get you going:

A daily 10-minute walk will lift overall energy and mood levels in just 3 weeks

A power nap can reverse the mind-numbing effects of information overload

Don’t skip breakfast -
Studies show breakfast people have more energy throughout the day

Reduce stress -
Less tension, more energy

Drink more water -
Even slight dehydration can make you feel lethargic

Eat more grains and less sugar

After age 40, we lose one quarter to one-third of a pound of muscle annually (it is replaced by fat), leading to a loss of strength of one to two percent per year.


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